Top Ten Tuesday: Ugliest NBA Players

For some reason, the NBA is a petri dish of ugly people. And the Lakers breed them uglier than anyone else with almost a third of the top ten. They may be World Champions, but their children are gonna be fucked.

p.s. We knew we’d have it in on time. This shit was posted at 23:57 on Tuesday. We had 3 minutes to spare.

10: Sasha Vujacic

9: Marcin Gortat

8: Dirk Nowitzki

imagine yourself first opening your eyes to this looking at you in the morning

7: Greg Oden

6: Pau Gasol

why does this dude have more rings than LeBron? (watch below)

(and see rest of series here)

5: Robert Swift

4: Chris Kaman

3: Adam Morrison

he literally bummed his way to a championship riding the bench and he gets paid for it

2: Joakim Noah

little know fact that Joakim Noah actually played for Lincoln last year when he had shorter hair:

1: Calvin Booth

dudes a homie…


~ by Dub-E on July 6, 2010.

One Response to “Top Ten Tuesday: Ugliest NBA Players”

  1. I can respecttttt
    Loving the JT picture btw hah shits classic

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